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Suma y sigue. #VueltaMurcia (foto @jordibuuendiia) by movistar_team
Vive le Vélo

Bikes and boat racing. A nice end to thirty consecutive days of training ha. #cycling #fitness #bike #instacycling #boats #racing #tyne #tynebridge #newcastle

"This is not the last time Johan Bruyneel would use someone with more talent and a bigger hematocrit than him at the Tour de France."

Twenty nine days ago, after 22 months of largely abusing my body and becoming detrained, I decided I would start a 30 day training block - where I’d ride everyday - in order to recoup fitness, work on my cadence, lose weight and start the process of becoming an athlete again.

There have been twenty nine days of being mentally and physically exhausted, dragging myself out of my bed, being hungry and also possibly body dysmorphia. I have had mixed results with my riding. There have been some good rides. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t done enough and could have pushed myself more. I think I could have ate better, and recovered better a lot of the time in order to make better progress. I feel like I am capable of much more, how much I don’t know, but that is part of the process. This is as much a mental challenge for me, than a physical one. I know physically that I can sometimes surprise myself with good performances. My problems generally fall into the categories of poor-eating (see: self-discipline) and poor planning. I know that if I plan my eating and my training properly, then I will get better results. This is one of the fundamental aspects I have learned from all of this. “Be less of a fucking shambles of a human-being, Michael.”

I have also learned from this, that most of the satisfaction in the training comes from beating your own best, bettering yourself, and from the process itself. The fun is actually in learning, trying to find an edge, and being a better person at the end of it. Then, looking at your best, and trying to figure out how to improve on that. It is very rewarding and exciting when you look at things like that.

Nonetheless, if I can improve my organisation strategies from this, then it has undoubtedly been a success. Maybes a list of targets as far ahead as next year to work towards, and for the end of this year. Not just cycling and fitness goals. I think it is good and beneficial to have structure. Planning and performance are everything.

Anyway, tomorrow is day thirty. The final day of the training block, but only the beginning of a new cycle. Tomorrow will be a good occasion, a celebration of what I have achieved this month, and a vindication of the damage I have done to my relationship by ignoring my girlfriend to go ride the bike :))

Next month will be about improving on what I have done this month. Improving the eating, getting more miles in, and trying to keep up the momentum and motivation I have established this month. I have largely built up a base fitness now, although there is still quite a bit of weight to lose. So I think in that respect, next month will be a continuation of this. There is plenty of room to make ample improvements. It is a good time.

Oh dark and mighty the Jan, who doth fill this vale of tears.

He is looking very dashing here. Such is the life of a man who just cruises around the roads of Europe bringing pain and death with every turn of his massive unholy gear. Probably about time he made a comeback, if only to just kill Froome and Sky.

The Hub. #ouseburn #newcastle #bikes #coffee #cycling #instacycling #oakley #instacoffee #fitness #training



The Marianne Vos museum in Meeuwen, the Netherlands. Every jersey, trophy, bottle, medal and more in one place.

Very impressive

It’s getting near that time of year.