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Tonight was very brutal training. 😷 #bike #instacycling #cycling #fitness #marina #sunderland

New kit day. Time to limber up. 👌 #cycling #instacycling #instashoe #castelli #castellicafe #spiuk #catlike #helmet

There is always a place on here for quadzillas.


Paris - Roubaix 1981

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Great video from the road race of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Our three gallant heroes The Jan, Vino and Klodi breakaway, fully embodying the Olympic motto of ‘faster, higher, stronger.’ The Jan obviously wins and takes gold in stunning fashion, and is sunning himself in Cairns with a couple of fräus and several steins of the strongest German beer, by the time the chasing peloton crosses the line. Kazakh sporting icon Vino would go onto have his day 12 years later at the London Olympiad, ruining the day for all Sky/Cav fanboys in magnificent style.

Having an early night. Up at 5am to train. 💪💪👍

Having an early night. Up at 5am to train. 💪💪👍

New cycling shoes. 👍 #spiuk #cycling #fitness #instacycling

The Arctic Race of Norway is up there with Österreich Rundfahrt and Tro-Bro Leon in the ‘easy on the eye’ races category.